Independent Retailers

We work with many independent retailers to help strengthen their marketing.


Unicorn are a whole food company based in Manchester, UK.  

They have been working with us for years and echo our eco-friendly outlook.  In their stores they offer organic, locally sourced wholesome food.

We are thrilled to continue working with them, and love their write up about us on their website!

...we tried over 30 different bag samples over many months finding the right bag. When we found the Jutexpo shopping bag we knew it was just perfect...
— Unicorn Grocery

Oscha Slings

A British Isles based retailer, Oscha Slings create unique, stylish baby carriers.

Their items are all handmade from ethically sourced fabrics. 

Oscha Slings have our cotton bags on sale which feature some stunning artworks. They are a fantastic example of how detailed our cotton bags can be! 

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