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  • Giles Deacon
  • Lulu Guiness
  • Orla Kiely

DesignerHigh Fashion Charity Bags

Big names like Orla Kiely, Amanda Wakeley and Giles Deacon are among those that have placed their signature logos and designs on some top of the range, sustainable bags. These are often created in conjunction with other brands wishing to cross-promote, such as retailers and charity organisations. Responsibly desirable; There is no other product that people will be delighted to use as much as a fashionable bag that can cross promote or raise donations.

Case Study: Lulu Guinness

Internationally renowned British designer Lulu Guinness unveiled a range of fantastic, chic bags for Red Nose Day both in 2013 and then again in 2015. The Juco bags were
exclusively available from Sainsbury’s nationwide for
a limited time only. Our bags are a great vehicle for style
as well as function and so suit designers well;

  • Partner with a retailer or designer to create a bespoke shopper
  • Donate a % to a charitable organisation
  • Do something different – make your bag a must have one!

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