Bag Charge: 6 Months On

Friday 8th April 2016

On 5th October 2015 England introduced a 5p charge on single use carrier bags. Six months on, we take a look at what impact this has had and how the UK has changed following this charge

It is estimated that single use plastic bag usage has dropped by 80% in England. This follows similar figures from previous UK bag charges one year on.

Here at Jutexpo we experienced a rise in companies wishing to introduce resuable, eco-friendly alternative bag options as the bag charge loomed. In the month of inception, one Jutexpo-made bag was sold every four seconds!

Interest in reusable, more environmentally friendly alternatives continues even now, six months following thr charge's introduction.

England has joined the rest of the UK in supporting the bag charge and reducing plastic bag usage. For those bags still being used, charities and good causes benefit from donations ensuring the most is made from the 5p per carrier bag.

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