Remember your Bags: Tips for the Scots

Monday 22nd September 2014

With the bag charge in Scotland coming in October 2014, Jutexpo detail some of our Top Tips on How to Remember Your Bags

Over the past few months, we have been looking at the key details of the upcoming bag charge in Scotland in October 2014.

Jutexpo is a company with a commitment to an ecologically and ethically sustainable future. So whether you use Bags for Life made of jute or cotton, backpacks, or even reusing the plastic and paper bags, any bag reuse is commendable.

But remembering to bring your bags with you can be tricky!

In this list, we lay out some nice, simple techniques to get you used to bringing bags with you when you head out to the shops or supermarket.

  1. Keep them in the car; If you regularly drive to the shops or supermarket, a good idea would be to leave your bags in the boot or glove compartment.
  2. It rains in Scotland. That makes a coat a regular part of your routine when leaving the house. Why not put a smaller bag in your coat pocket? That why you never forget it and can make those 'spur of the moment' purchases.
  3. Just as good; hang them on your coat stand or
  4. Have a bag rack; Undoubted you will have a collection of bags of varying kinds. Put a big hook or rack on the wall next to the door and hang all the bags there.
  5. Put it on the shopping list; If you are a lister - someone who plans ahead with their purchasing - add a bag to the top of the list or even place the list in a bag (although this may mean you forget bag AND list...).
  6. One last note is, of course, colleague and family reminders; Those smart little cookies that will always tell you (sometimes smugly) as you open the door "Don't forget a bag!" As much as the top 5 should be useful, this last one is surefire!

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