What is Jute & Juco?

Jute - the Golden Fibre

natural jute

Jute is a strong, natural fibre, the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton not only for cultivation, but also for versatility; the outer is used for firewood, and the leaves are used for food. The fibres are used to make Fabrics, Twine, Shoes, and Bags.

Jute is fully sustainable; it is estimated that there is enough jute to provide
everybody in the world with 2 bags per year!

Jute is mainly grown in the Bengal area (India and Bangladesh), and grows fully in 4-6 months. Traditionally farmed within a crop rotation method, it is grown in similar conditions to organic farming. No pesticides or fertilisers are used in the growing
process and nothing is Genetically Modified. As Jute is largely rain fed, it does not rely on irrigation and so has a low water footprint. When the plant is in flower, the jute is harvested, usually between July and October, and goes through a process of retting where the fibres are extracted from within the stalk.

Juco threadJuco - The Eco Alternative

Juco is made from 75% jute and 25% cotton. It has been developed to take the best properties of both jute and cotton to create an eco-alternative.

Juco has a much finer weave, very similar to cotton or canvas and so allows a finer print. Juco has all the versatility of both jute and cotton, so can be used in much the same way - shopping bags, wine bottle bags, gift bags, and fashion bags.

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