The Jutexpo Standard

The Jutexpo Standard is a set of the 10 Key elements we consider to be the minimum when it comes to ethical and technical standards, awards and credentials. The full list is below for reference.

 The Jutexpo Standard

What do we do to ensure this standard is achieved? 

Here at Jutexpo we are committed to best practice and high standards for our staff and the production of our Jute bags. Our ethical production is fundamental to the integrity of our bags and we are proud to be leading the market with our standards. We believe retailers and suppliers should take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people involved in making their products.

Jutexpo have a commitment to ethical trade and adopt a strict code oflabour practice, thus addressing issues like wages, working hours, health and safety. Jutexpo's facilities have annual independent audits at our factories to ensure the ethical standards are meeting the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code - the worldwide standard for ethical production

For the third year in a row Jutexpo have been awarded a Grade A, the highest grade achievable, for consumer products accreditation from the BRC Global Standards Award. In addition to the BRC audit, we are also audited to the SEDEX ethical Standard. This is the market leading audit standard, used by many of the largest retailers globally. The use of SEDEX allows retailers access to our audits and current audit status, maintaining an open, honest and transparent practice


Jutexpo Standard Stamp 100Px 

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What is better cotton initiative cotton?

BCI otherwise known as the “Better Cotton Initiative” is an initiative that aims to improve the standards of trading cotton for the people who produce it. The BCI are transforming cotton production worldwide by producing better cotton as a sustainable

Better Cotton Initiative

commodity. By helping farmers reduce water wasteage the BCI helps the environment thrive and ensures that farmers are paid a fair amount for their cotton. 

There are hundreds of companies who take part in the better cotton initiative and Jutexpo are delighted to be one of them. 

To learn more about the Better Cotton Initiative please visit:

What is GOTS certified cotton?

GOT's otherwise known as The Global Organic Textile Standard is an organisation that are defining the requirements for organically produced cotton worldwide. The organisation has grown massively due to the high demand of organic fibres and demand for unified Gots Logo Rgbprocessing criteria from the industry and retail sector. The Global Organic Textile Standard has gained universal recognition due to it's rapid advancement, enabling processors and manufacturers to supply their organic textiles with one certification accepted in all major markets.

GOTS certified cotton is a cotton completely free of pesticides and fertilizers and has no part in genetic modification. The standard that GOTS certified cotton complies with, requires throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. 

To learn more about GOTS certified cotton please visit:


To find out more about our market leading approach to ethical and technical compliance, please contact or call 01386 834777