Socially Responsible

socialIntregral To Our Success

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business. In fact one of the core principles of Beyond the Bag is to be socially responsible, and many of our projects reflect this. We often work closely with a number of charities to help support some fantastic causes.

The Lulu Guinness juco bags raised significant funds for Comic Relief, as did the Emma Bridgewater bags for Marie Curie in 2014. We have also been collaborating with the Royal British Legion since 2011 amassing substantial donations for the renowned charity.

Our charity jute bag projects bring together organisations that would otherwise never have come together and we are proud to be part of such varied, cause-related projects.



Vidya Vihar

The Mill that produces our Golden Fibre Jute is just outside of Kolkata. With such a dedicated workforce helping to create our wonderful bags, Jutexpo wanted to give something back. As a thank you to the Mill workers, we contributed towards the building of a nearby school for the children of the Mill workers. The school is now finished and we are delighted to say, thriving.