Ethical Production

Carousel PrintingOur Facilities

Our modern, unique production facilities have regular independent ethical audits, derived from the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code. These ensure that no child labour is involved, all workers are paid decent wages, have safe working conditions and that the factories fulfil environmental standards. This is a key part of our ‘Beyond the
Bag’ principle.

All stages of the ethical production processes are audited, from sourcing raw material to delivery of the final product - and we ensure that all our customers adhere to the same codes of practice as ourselves. As part of our transparent approach to compliance, we
have always welcomed visits to our production facility from our clients. 

Fabric StockIncreased Production Capacity

In the 18 months prior to the English Bag Charge (introduced in October 2015), we implemented a number of changes to develop our production facilities;

  • Increased the floor size by 100%, extending our storage
  • Increased the number of printing tables
  • Invested in high-tech printing machinery, both nano printers, carousel printers and driers to increase print production
  • Added 50 more sewing stations
  • Doubled our metal detection machinery
  • Inproved our consumer standards rating from a B to an A
  • Continued our strong Ethical Compliance Campaign