DesignExperienced Team

Jutexpo now has 13 years experience in designing, manufacturing, printing and selling Jute bags. At the heart of this is strong relationships both with our employees and with our customers.

We have an experienced design studio at our Broadway headquarters to work directly with customers to create imaginative new designs and concepts. The studio offers a free advisory service to clients, especially new buyers who may need guidance.

This flexible service caters for all our customers across a wide range of businesses and non-commercial organisations, irrespective of their size.



Due to the nature of Jute, the process behind creating your bag is slightly different to printing
a leaflet or poster.

Strong, bold designs work best on Jute, while fine detail is better on Juco.

Any text used should be 10mm or above, while colours are best supplied in Pantone
references, with no shading, tints or halftones.

To download our Artwork Guidelines document CLICK HERE.